Bilston’s committee work exceptionally hard to ensure the smooth running of the club. They meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Bert Williams Pool.


Anyone can join committee after six months membership with the club. Please speak to the club chairman if you would be interested in joining the team.





Lisa joined the club's committee in Dec 2013 and has been helping out at galas and open meets as a team manager and judge for many years. Her son, Cieran, trains in the senior performance group. Lisa organises the annual club championships and Level 4 County Time Trial.



Jo Howes

Jo joined the club committee in Nov 2016. Jo also helps on the club desk on a Tuesday and Friday evening and she assists in various club events. She is looking forward to the challenge that being on the club committee will bring.

Committee Member/Life Member
Sylvia Wellings
Sylvia was one of the founding members of Bilston Swimming Club in 1964 and still sits on committee today. She is a former president of Staffordshire ASA (1997) and has recently finished her term as president of Bilston SC.

Club President
Joanne Probert

Valerie Thomas
Val has been the club’s secretary since 2011. One of her main roles is to liaise with Wolverhampton Leisure Services to ensure that communication between the club and the centre remains open and frequent.
Peter Trout
Although only agreeing to take the role for a few weeks whilst a new treasurer was found, Peter has now been the club’s treasurer for 20 years. His son Luke is the Head Coach.


Louise Taylor

Louise joined the club committee late in 2016 and made an immediate impact by being the meet promoter at the clubs first ever level 4 time trial event. Her son, Zac, trains in the Senior Performance group. Lou is looking to help the running of the club in any way she can.



Deborah Baddams

Deborah joined the club committee in late 2017. She was already a regular poolside helper at galas and open meets as a Judge. Her son Cameron trains in the Junior performance 2 squad. Deborah is will be coordinating the clubs many timekeepers and judges, as well as running in house training sessions.





Jane joined the club committee in late 2017. She has already taken on the role of Open Meet Coordinator and is keen to help out in other capacities. Her daughter Jodie trains in the Junior Performance 2 squad.



Neal Daly

Neal joined the club committee in 2016 and his son, Jake, currently trains in the junior performance group. Neal is a Level 1 Teacher and he hoping to help in any way he can on the committee.


Social Secretary, Fundraising and Publicity Officer

Rebecca Burrows

Becky joined the club committee in 2017, her daughter Abby swims in the Junior Performance Squad. Becky has already made a big impact, organising the Clubs Christmas Presentation disco. 



John Howes

John joined the club committee in Nov 2016. His two children, Zak and Chloe, both swim with the club. John helps run the club desk on Tuesday and Friday evenings as well as doing various other jobs. He is keen to help move the club forwards in any way he can.



David Gallagher

Dave joined the club committee in 2016 after having been at the club for 8 years as a swimmer and more recently a swimmer/coach. Dave hopes to being his experience of competitive swimming and coaching to the committee and will help to ensure the voice of the coaching staff is heard.